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Full Service Oil Burner Plan

Free service visits for the repair or replacement of the following parts:

  • Oil Fired Boilers and Oil Fired Hot Water Heaters

    • Oil Burner motor, fuel pump, transformer electronics, primary control, triple aquastate, nozzle, screen, pump gaset, oil filter cartridge, high tension lead wire, nozzle line, burner coupling, oil burner blower wheel,circulator coupling, heating thermostat, zone valve motor

  • Oil Fired Warm Air Furnaces

    • Same as above plus, fan and limit-control and blower belt.

  • Oil Fired Steam Boilers

    • Same as the hot water heating system above plus a pressuretrol.

15% Discount

This plan gives you a 15% discount on regular rates for any repair work not covered by this plan.

No Charge

24 hours/7 days a week emergency service

Efficiency Tune-Up & Inspection

This service will be provided at no charge once a year.


Top Tier Energy will perform the following work:

  • Replace the nozzle, pump screen and oil filter cartridge

  • Test the ignition transformer, replace if weak

  • Clean electrode assembly

  • Test the fuel pump running pressure/cut-off pressure

  • Oil circulators (if applicable)

  • Vacuum heating or hot water unit including smoke pipe and chimney base (if needed)

  • Adjust oil burner, if necessary, to achieve the best efficiency possible

  • Replace any covered part that shows wear and tear or will prevent the oil burner from operating safely

  • Perform a static pressure test on all oil fired furnaces

Additional coverage available with our ProGuard program.

Contact us for more details.

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