Central Air Condition Tune up Special

Only $79 (per central air system)

Beat the heat and schedule your air condition check up!

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Top Tier Energy's Central Air Tune Up Special Includes

  • Check Refrigerant Levels

  • Replace Air Filter (Customer Provided)

  • Turn Off Humidifier 

  • Check indoor unit for mold, dust and dust mites

  • Check and adjust the blower for proper air flow (if needed)

  • Check the starting, operating and shut down amperage on the compressor

  • Check the Air Duct system to insure of no air leakage, broken connections and or undersized duct work. 

  • Check and Clean out the air condition drain line, test for proper drainage. 

  • Check the air temperature between the supply and the return to make sure your air condition system is working properly and efficiently.

  • Check and Test Pressure Cut out switches at the outdoor condensing unit.